Bring Dave Steele, The Blind Poet to Your Classroom

The Low Vision Shop and The Blind Poet logo side-by-side

With demand for distance-learning events and programs at an all-time high, The Low Vision Shop is collaborating with Dave Steele—internationally acclaimed poet, author, public speaker, singer, and advocate for the blind—to visit your classroom or organization with an unforgettable interactive online poetry program.

How It Works
By utilizing the free Zoom Meeting platform, participants can share screens, control their video and audio, see who else is in attendance, and ask Steele questions in real time. Zoom can also accommodate those who prefer to call in to the event.

About Dave Steele
Over the past four years, Steele lost the majority of his vision to retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a hereditary degenerative condition that has no treatment or cure. During that time, the husband and father of four channeled the frustration of losing his sight and livelihood into poetry as therapy and re-engineered his life. His three-volume poetry collection entitled Stand By Me RP gained worldwide attention with both international blindness organizations and RP social media support groups, becoming the number one best-selling poetry series on three continents.

Learn More
Arrange for Dave to visit your classroom or organization here.