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This Tint Kit is designed to make it easier and faster for practitioners to use Eschenbach’s Custom Solutions Program to order prescription corrected filters because the kit contains both a wide assortment of tints and frames to demonstrate—all in one portable case!

There are 36 tint color options in the kit including our 5 WellnessPROTECT® tints, 5 Solar Shield® tints and 26 other popular color options. You can place the 2 lenses of a certain color into one of the lens holders (2 included) and then hold that in front of your patient’s eyes for evaluation.

Once the appropriate tint color is chosen, you can then show the 8 different frame options into which the tints can be incorporated. There are 6 WellnessPROTECT® and 2 Circuit FLEX frames to choose from providing a variety of sizes, styles and designs to ensure you find one that has the features most suited for each patient.

With the tint and frame selected, you can then place an order for a custom job through our Custom Solutions Program after also providing the patient’s Rx.

In short, the Tint Kit speeds up the ordering process because there is no second guessing about whether a tint color (or frame) you don’t have available will work for a patient, thereby minimizing delays and eliminating expensive reworks!

Includes: 36 sets of tinted lenses, 6 WellnessPROTECT® frames (2 Brown, 2 Black and 2 Sport Frames), 2 Circuit FLEX frames (1 Black Large and 1 Black XLarge Frame), 2 lens holders, 1 tint legend, 1 protective carrying case and 1 Eschenbach lens cleaning cloth.


  • Lens Size: 1.8'' lenses (2 of each color)
  • Rx-able: Yes
  • Tint Color: 36 sets of tint colors and color legend included
  • Accessories: Includes an Eschenbach cleaning cloth
  • Miscellaneous: Sturdy aluminum carrying case custom foam inserts (21'' W x 9.5'' D x 8'' H)

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