MiniFrame2 Sun Readers

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Do your presbyopes wear multiple pairs of readers outdoors to view objects of different sizes or at different distances ?

Eschenbach’s new progressive reader with tinted lenses, the MiniFrame2 Sun, will allow your presbyopes to use just one pair of readers for all their near point needs!

Available in 5 different powers (1D, 1.5D, 2D, 2.5D and 3D) in a gun metal frame, the MiniFrame2 Sun is a 'progressive reader' that increases in power by a full diopter from the top of the lens to the bottom.

For example, the 2D pair has 1D magnification at the top of the lens and then slowly increases to 2D at the bottom for reading. Because of this multi-focal design, the MiniFrame2 Sun readers are a good preliminary choice for training future progressive Rx wearers.

The MiniFrame2 Sun is perfect for reading outdoors in a sunny area because the lenses are tinted gray, giving the user just the right amount of shade from the sun – the light transmission level is 24.4%!

A Point-of-Purchase Display holds 10 MiniFrame2 Sun (5 on the display and 5 in storage) and is free with the purchase of any 25 MiniFrame2 Sun reading glasses.


  • Lens Type: Progressive
  • Lens Material: PXM Plastic
  • Lens Coating: Surface Coating
  • Frame Size: 48 mm
  • Temple Size: 140 mm
  • Bridge Size: 15 mm
  • Tint Color: 85% Gray Tint
  • Wavelength cutoff: 24.4%
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Accessories: Black, felt lined case (included)
  • Miscellaneous: 100% UV protection

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