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Acesight VR electronic glasses provide magnification and other features that enable individuals with low vision to see better. These smart glasses are wearable and perfect for those who suffer from Macular Degeneration and other sight loss conditions.


  • All-in-one wearable smart glasses. Sharp, fast, stunning.
  • Acesight VR delivers an amazing image, even in poor light conditions.
  • Stay connected with the world with Acesight VR!


Acesight VR Specifications & Features

  • Vivid Color
  • Lag-free Move
  • Sharp Display
  • Fast Focus
  • Wider FOV
  • Light, Won't Fatigue
  • Wireless Control
  • Distortion-free


  • 2340×1080p Full HD+ Resolution
  • 65-degree Wide Field of View (FOV)
  • 48 Mega Pixels Camera
  • 16x Magnification
  • 1lb (460g) Light-weight

Best Image Quality
The clearer the image, the better you see. Seeing better is what Acesight VR delivers.

Your Privacy Matters
Acesight VR doesn’t use Wi-Fi and keeps your vision and privacy away from any third party. Nothing is stored on the device so your personal information is safe and secure. Your sight belongs to you!

TV Mate
Watch your favorite TV shows with an incredible smooth and bright image, without any lag.

Cool Wearing
Acesight VR is cool in more ways than one. Best of all, the device temperature will remain cool, even after 1-2 hours of continuous use.

Easy & Comfortable
There is nothing complicated about Acesight VR. Sit down, put it on, and start seeing the world around you.

Virtually, Vision is Enhanced
Object with edge detection outline, high contrast reading modes, red frame to help locating objects, and a smaller display feature for individuals with tunnel vision (RP Retinitis Pigmentosa) are the core VR functions you can see with the Acesight VR.

Narrow Display
Zoom out to capture everything in view. The Narrow Display mode (1/4 and 1/16) can be used to shrink the image into your viewable area. The shrunken image can be moved around the display to suit your needs.

Acesight VR can magnify everything you look at up to 16x normal size.

High Contrast Colors
Acesight VR enhances your vision with high contrast color combos.

The Outline feature adds lines to edges of virtually everything in view. The thickness and contrast of outlining is adjustable.

Find Function
The Find function makes it easier to locate things when using a higher magnification.

See as Clear as Possible.
The secret behind the extraordinary display is the superior quality hardware. Supported by powerful technology, Acesight VR provides a clear view.

See More Details
48 Megapixels: Tje Acesight VR camera delivers 4 times more details providing maximum benefits.

See More
2340×1080p Full HD+, 21.8% more display compared with Full HD. Less noise with a seemless high quality image.

See Farther (Distance)
Professional image processors with video surveillance grade imaging that captures everything in sight.

Expand Your Field of View
Large 65° Field of View so you can see more of the world without moving your head.

Is Acesight VR for you?
If your visual acuity is between 20/100 and 20/600, and you have a field of view that is 10-degree or greater, Acesight VR is for You.

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