All Terrain Cane

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Expected release date is Jan 17th 2023




Pre-Order Shipping Late January 2023






Originally designed for the backcountry trails of Sedona, the All-Terrain Cane (ATC) excels everywhere life takes us. Whether we are at the beach or on the granddude’s playground, snowy sidewalks or on the trails, the ATC is up to the challenge. Super strong, it supports us as we hike, supporting and stabilizing as it does what a mobility cane is supposed to: terrain, obstacles, navigation. All in one surprisingly light cane. The 16” grip handle is built for both golf and ski pole grips, and room to choke up/down when climbing. The high-performance roller tip ball tip performs on all terrains and surfaces. And it looks like a standard cane with white and red reflective material. Collapsible folding cane made out of Titanium Alloy.

White Roller Ball Tip included with All Terrain Cane.

Strength / Outdoorsmanship / Empowerment
Freedom / Confidence / Mobility

All Terrain Cane Specifications:

Mesurements include the roller ball tip attached to the All Terrain Cane
Shortest length (fully retracted): 51" inches / 130 CM
Tallest length (fully extended): 61" inches / 155 cm
Cane Folded: 21" inches (length)
Cane Weight with Roller Ball Tip:
14.8 oz / 418 grams

Three section folding cane with interchangeable cane tip

Patent Pending

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